Idlewind Amidship

Ti watched the guild leaders with half an eye, waiting a moment when he could liberate some of the rum that had once belonged to the captain of the Idlewind for himself. He could hear the sounds of the female dwarf loudly being sick, though he had been trying to keep as much of the ship as he could between him and her unpleasant retching. It seemed incongruous that something as rare as a female dwarf should be found to be doing something as mundane as heaving up ship’s rations over the rail.

He didn’t particularly want the rum, or at least not a lot of it. But claimimg it unnoticed was good practice. Claiming it was more fun than even drinking it.

It was the same with the bounties, he reflected. The money might, or might not, be worth the trouble of tracking down the heads those bounties were attached to. But some of the bounties were placed by people who wanted their property back. Their stolen property.

And Ti knew, a thief didn’t just steal once and stop. There would be other interesting valuables above and beyond what the guild wanted returned to the “rightful” owners. So whatever the bounties possessed that the warrants didn’t specify, was as far as Ti was concerned, fair game.

And, almost assuredly, far more interesting than Bounty Hunter gold.