The inviting sea (sorry I am behind)

Calistra seemed to glide across the decks with ease. Her movements  in sync with the rocking motion of the ship.  Breathing in deeply, she  loved the smell of the salty air and the taste of it on her tongue. The kinship she had with the ocean ran deep. The blood in her veins pulsated with each wave that surfaced the blue waters.  She could feel a vibration running through her body.

 It wasn’t just a coincidence that she became an initiate of Manannan Mac Lir, it was her calling. Just as this voyage was setting her on a path with a group of bounty hunters, she herself becoming one, it was all a part of what was to be.  Her “special” skills were being put to the test and she would except nothing less of herself than to fulfill the quest that had been set forth for her by the Guardians of the Temple. She would regain what was stolen and return the Golden Trident back  to where it belonged. This would secure her place and prove her worthy of her God.

Calistra leaned over the side of the ship and was greeted with a  refreshing splash of water to her face. Calistra let out a laugh and longed to swim within the inviting depths of the sea. While enjoying the scenery, Calistra’s attention was pulled away when she heard what sounded like someone in the throws of relieving themselves of their lunch. She saw for the first time in her life a female dwarf. This was very exciting and if she was more of the type to introduce herself first, she would have done just that. Instead, Calistra pulled at the linen scarf that concealed her hair and wrapped around her neck, half out of habit, and half to make sure that it was secure. Deciding it was as good a time as any to try to find the person that belonged to the name that she was given as a contact from Priestess Ala. Having memorized it by saying it over and over again in her head, the name Ivarr Greenhair sat on the tip of her tongue. She didn’t know much if anything about him other than he was the holder of the warrants.

Walking across the decks, the wind kicked up, licking at the skirts of her blue tunic dress. Calistra turned her head toward the prow and knew quite suddenly that she was looking at the person that she seeked. His long green hair was what gave him away. 

 In the distance Calistra could see that the shoreline was beginning to swell up around them as they were getting closer to landing.  A sigh slipped past her lips as the thought of stepping back onto land entered her thoughts.  Lifting her head up high she started to walk toward Ivarr. Just as she was within range of being able to speak to him a gust of wind tugged at her scarf, sending it for a ride through the air.

“Oh no” Calistra called out as her bluish green hair was freed and tumbled loosely down her back.

Calistra caught the scarf in mid-air and was about to tie it back on when she saw that Ivarr’s green eyes were now looking at her.