Landfall (at last!)

After some agonising hours (at least from the dwarfs point of view) the walled seaport town of Newsandport comes into view. High walls of stone surround a modest sized settlement and grisley dessicated corpses of some kind of non human decorate gibbets placed a bowshot from the walls.

Part of the delay was the Captains insistance on waiting on a pilot boat from within the harbor. Many of the senior guildmembers insisted that they sail right on in but the crusty sea captain simply stared them down and pointed to the two huge arbalests mounted either side of the harbours breakwaters. Shuddering you see his point a hit from one of those things would stave a hole the size of a cow in the side of your ship.

Hella hanging grimly from the side gazed at the walls and roofs of the town critically. Mostly very new construction She thought. Not even as old as she was, hastily done too as so much of human architecture seems to a dwarfs practiced eye.  Her attention is dragged away from her critique by Senior Guildmember Leonardus calling the apprentises over.

“As you can see, and much to your relief no doubt, we’ll be making port within the hour. The Idlewind itself will be in port about a day maybe two replenishing the water stores and doing abit of minor trading.  Soon after that we’ll be off again heading for Kingsport on the far side of the Island for our own missions.  I have been here once or twice and while no metropolis it has the basics for your comfort! A decent pub as well as a blacksmith and even boasts a small library for those so inclined.

One thing you especially need to know, the folks here abouts have little sence of humor, especially with non humans you’ll be largely ignored I guess, at least the two stouter memebrs of your squad intially. Think nothing of this, these people are still hurting from when an invasion of Lizard folk sacked there older settlement down the coast some fifty years ago. There is a bounty on Lizard folk tails of about 50 gold a peice if you get the opportnity. Gaining a few of these may go a long way to winning you some genuine respect and co operations with the locals in general perhaps.

Our information is that a the group you have been assigned to track and bring to justice, disembarked here and almost immediatly got into a dispute with each other about something. It is likely they split up, but some may be still hanging around nearby either under there own names or under alias’s. Once you get the locals to talk to you you can find out more I surmise. I presume by now you have each studied the Warrants entrusted to Inarr here and have some idea of whom your looking out for? If not, do so immediately!

There is a small but powerful church here of a sect called the Church of the Life in the flame. Don’t know what there about they seem to be a purely local religious group. Still they have real power so their god or demon or whatever it is has some authority. Try not to antagonize them, its from them the bounty on Lizardman tails gets paid I should point out. Get in good with them and they may help you further.

Now any questions before we hit port?” he concludes, looking each of you in the eye in turn.

4 thoughts on “Landfall (at last!)

  1. Ivarr steps forward and asks if there are any physical descriptions of the warranted individuals to help with positive identification. His second question is to what officer of the local authority he should deliver captured/dead individuals to.

  2. Out Of Character (OOC) Good question Ivarr. I have added some basic descriptions to the Kings warrant as I should have done before as a result. (/ooc)

    In character (IC) :Leonardas looks at you coolly and smiles. “Go find the local guard or direct your attention to the High priest at there temple Ivarr.” He looks up to take in the rest of the group and adds.
    “You need to be able to find the head man in any given city or township. Sometimes it may just be a simple old man that has the authority in the village at other times it may be a Knight with a royal commission. Either way you need to find a way of finding and dealing with them both if you want to be paid. Any other questions?”

  3. Well yes, I have one. You said that the members of the group we were looking for disembarked here…all of them? Were they all traveling together? And if I may ask is your information reliable?

    Hella lets out a loud belch and pounds her chest a couple of times. You might wonder if you should all back up as it appears she might have another of her “episodes.”

  4. “As far as our highly paid sages and diviners could tell yes they all got off here Mistress Hella. While they took ship all together we do not believe they were all in cahoots from the word go. Naturally they may have made nodding acquaintances of each other during the journey even as you have with your fellows. But those that had a prior connection to each other are listed on the General Warrant”

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