Excerpt from the Captain of the ship “Idlewind”

Dear god! The things I have seen in my time! Normally I don’t mind the charters from the Guild of Hunters but this lot. Oh dear oh dear… I don’t know weather to spit, laugh or cry!

I guess everybody needs to start some place. But this is the first time in my long years as a sea captain that I have seen such a bunch of raw recruits. I mean half of them don’t know each other beyond there guild names, half seem excited to be on the first commission the other half dreading it.

Looking at their leaders relaxing drinking MY rum on the fore deck I think I figured it out. The Bounty hunters are a hard lot; almost as hard as the sea, this is a sink or swim venture for them. Some of the new folks will die but those that don’t and actually manage to bring to justice a few of the names on that Bounty list will be worth the Guilds time and money in training further.

A harsh system but I see the logic in it even if there is small compassion.

But compassion in there line of work would be almost unknown I suppose. I wish them well this motley crew but I do not envy them. I shall stay with the sea.

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