The First Party (D&D) – Archived

So we seem to be getting our party of adventurers finalised now. To sum up we have:-

Hella of the Dwarven Ax Maidens (Lori)

Ti Conda (the rogue eh) (Bob)

Clancy Flamebutt the Mage (James)

Ivarr the Ranger (Gil)

Calistra (Cleric/rogue) (Mattie)

Typical 2nd Ed nobody wants to play a human ROFL.

2 thoughts on “The First Party (D&D) – Archived

  1. Giles, I personally hate to carry torches and lanterns around! They scream out your presence to monsters in the dungeon and make it harder to fight. Although, it is nice to have flame on hand when you need it in a hurry!

  2. Well like I said nobodies Human so I guess you could all go in using Infra vision! Though I completely agree with the point about having a flame handy for those pesky slimes and similar monsters…. 😉

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