Hella is a female dwarf.  There is a good chance that no one in the party has actually ever seen a female dwarf so it is difficult to judge whether or not she is a typical female of her race.  She has white-blonde hair pulled back into a braid as thick as a human man’s arm that extends down nearly to her knees.  Her eyes are a clear blue, the color of the sky on  a clear spring day.  Her skin is as pale as her hair and when she is not sea-sick she has a lovely flush to the apples of her cheeks.  Aside from her full lips and piercing blue eyes her most notable facial feature is her blond beard, neatly braided into two braids on each side of her jaw line.  Tiny bells are woven into the beard braids and into the main braid down her back.

Hella is only 3 foot, nine inches tall and at the shoulder and hip she is nearly as wide as she is tall.  However she possesses a figure as fine as any hourglass and somehow appears quite feminine despite the halberd and studded leather armor.

The dark brown armor, gloves and boots appear quite worn but to the point of comfort and not worn-out.  Her studded leather armor is quite unusual in that it almost has a shaped breastplate with brass buckles.  The studding too is unusual in that the darkly stained brass nearly blends in with the dark of the leather armor.  A wide and tightly buckled girdle about her waist serves to further enhance her figure while protecting her kidneys with extra leather plates.  Below the girdle is a skirt of sorts made up of wides strips of leather ending in points, each decorated with a brass stud featuring a complicated knot design.  This skirting further adds to the feminine appearance of the armor but does not restrict movement as a normal cloth skirt would.

Hella wears a distinctive royal blue cloak made of an obviously fine wool but then again, it is a bit worn and has some faint staining on the back as if it has been slept in more than once.  Her belt pouch is made of an unusual material and is held shut by no less than three buckles and an elaborate lacing system.  Other than that, her only adornment is a pair of large silver earrings that appear to be quite heavy but do not seem to weigh down the ear lobes.

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