Adventure 1 “The Litchway”

Here I shall keep a public track of your characters Exp earned now that we have actually started play during the current adventure ¬†ūüėČ

Calistra (Cleric/Rogue 2/2) Total XP 1793/1793
Session 1

190+Role play bonus +Stat bonus  = 220xp
Notes. Great start; appreciated you emphasizing your characters watery connections plus the nice bit of unexpected chaos thrown in towards the end of the session!

Session 2

Good mix of¬†Combat¬†and chaos again Mattie. Loved the way you held out for the ring! Claiming a prize like that earns you a chunk of extra XP so long as you don’t sell it before you level up! = 503 xp

Session 3

Another solid performance. Solo harpooning looked god to even if the foe was less than inspiring (Rat) ad nice to see you not get too bloodthirsty about Kobold slaying. I was beginning to wonder if you were drifting into Evil but you stayed neutral at the end. = 83 Xp

Session 4

Base award plus a big chunk for that thing you may (or may not have) pocketed Cal dear. I’ll fill you in on how that worked out privately later= +1390 xp on each class. SO you have LEVELLED! Please sit down over the next few days and adjust your spells etc accordingly. Your Hit points go up by 4.

Clancy (Evoker 2) Total XP  4999
Session 1

One solo Kill 12 xp 190 base+Role Play Bonus + Stat bonus = 232xp
Notes. OMG Maybe you didn’t shine combat wise but you were without doubt the life and soul of the party! Probably the best hobbitish act I seen for awhile ūüėČ

Session 2

Not easy being the smallest guy in a party is it LOL But somehow Clancy makes up for it! Can’t belive you didn’t try and destroy that Anti Hobbit book yet though LOL = 221 XP

Session 3

Good use of your limited spells here James, calculated risk tasking down one of your partys fighters I know but well its NOT supposed to be a sure thing is it? =83 Xp

Session 4

Oh wow and to think you were worried that you had done the “Right” thing holding out for the spell books as your share of the special finds.. Well You did. A spell book is better than gold to an aspiring Wizard and worth XP in direct proportion to the spells in it you can use.¬†Naturally¬†if you sell it off its worth a bundle too but for now there is a BIG bundle of XP’s in your lap Clancy Boy! The biggest single award! = your xp is now 4999 a jump of 4464 points. SO your second level and catapaulted to the threshold of 3rd level! However…. Until you get back to town and STUDY those books and practice your new skills (for at least a week) your XP total is frozen there just short of third.. SO its a bittersweet award perhaps.. 3 added hit points (for now) to you.

Hella (Fighter 2) Total XP 2117
Session 1

1 Solo Kill 5+ 190 base+ Role play+Stat bonus =225 xp
Notes, Love the gruff dwarf! Especially “sod this I’m gonna play dice with the lads!” bit!!

Session 2 In the front lines again M’dear! Can’t fault the play just the slight lack of luck having a powerful weapon that couldn’t hit the Were creatures! Ah well. ¬†=221 Xp

Session 3 “Hella’s luck” may become a by word here… Again great RP and courage of the gruff dwarf but to be the first victim of “Friendly fire” is a shame. = 83 xp

Session 4

Sorry about the¬†frustrating¬†times on the deck my dear.. Still nice work on the hob gobs towards the end plus that thing we discussed in private and the large base award add 1588 xp to your total. SO you have also leveled… 10 extra hit points by the dice as well! Yaay!

Ivarr (Ranger 2) Total XP  2273 xp
Session 1

190 base +Heroic act bonus = 210
Notes: I really thought you were gonna crash your foot through the rotten barge with that charge into action. Plus kept the fun going even if the dice were going against you!

Session 2

Base 184 + 2 Solo Kills great RP as well Ivarr really seemed to become the leader here Gil.  = 260

Session 3

Again good leadership as well as a mix of combat and reasoning. = 83 Xp

Session 4

Strong showing again Gil. Here at the end I can award you the XP for your new sword you took as prize along with the base share and some extra to reflect you battle performance. Not as many as Hella but a few more points = 1720 XP So your level up also. 5 Extra hit points by the dice roll.

Ti (Rogue 2) Total XP 2061
Session 1

1 Solo Kill 18+190 base+Stat bonus =240 xp
Notes: you SURE you didn’t sneak in a vorpal¬†short-sword¬†there Bob?! ¬†Great combat performance, lets see if Ti turns into one of those¬†genuinely¬†Lucky characters?

Session 2

As we had to play Ti for you Bob regrettably I can only offer him (you) a base share of the XP Plus his stat bonuses of course = 255 Xp

Session 3

Ah the Vorpal shortsword is back!  Base 69 + Stat Bonus 80 XP

Session 4

Cut it close there Bob taking on a guy that had a double handed sword! But Clancy was just enough to keep you going! For that act that¬†redoubtably¬†allowed the party there secondary target’s XP I have slipped you a few extra XP to reflect your near¬†sacrifice. Vivlok could have outrun Clancy alone and his XP made up nearly 25% of the Bonus for bounty Mission so your total is +1486¬†leveling¬†you to 2nd as well. ¬†6 extra hit points by the dice roll too showing Ti’s luck is holding.


Notes on the conclusion of “Adventure one”

OK I shall start a new XP page for the wilderness trip back to town, You may well¬†receive¬†EVEN MORE XP ¬†when you come to actually SELL off the spoils you carry. Clancy is in an interesting situation. Bags of XP (more in fact than you can use in one go alas!!) But while I’ll allow a single level jump “in the filed” as it were nobody gets a double so James you have another reason to wanna get back to base other than the beer…

Now our two new players  I am gonna award a half XP share as due to the way thing played out the were two of the target bounty villans apprehended this session much boosting the XP award however (and with no mailce aforthought) their contributions to that were minimal. So both of them are awarded 430 XP each to get them off the ground. Both of you will get a chance to shine next time I guess.

Now you have Paxon and Pinnella as well for the few days ¬†it’ll take for you to return by land so you have a large group really expect challenges accordingly! P&P will leave you after your return and you can then follow up on the bit of a clue you had on the whereabouts on a couple more of your “targets”


Session 1 Total General XP  this session; 1140/6 = 190

Session 2 Total general XP  this session; 950/6 (up) = 160

Session 3 Total general XP ¬†this session; 410/6 = 69 Short session¬†regrettably¬†and well the MAIN fight was¬†interrupted¬†midway so the XP for that hasn’t been figured in.

Session 4 Total general XP  this session; 4970/7 = 710 This includes special bonuses for apprehending two of your targets. You get the XP now but the gold reward may come later after your successes have been processed by the authorities.


Session 1

as a Personality NPC got one Base share of 190XP with no bonuses in case your wondering.

Session 2 See above  160 XP

Session 3 See Above 69 XP

Session 4 See above 710 XP I trust those of you claiming a Good alignment will see him get some Treasure at the conclusion of this… and thus some extra XP LOL! Its in YOUR interest that you keep the extra cleric happy after all!

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