Character Development – Stats

Well by the time you read this I hope you will have had some fun with what is colloquially called “The funnel” where 0 Level peons are forged in to mighty (oh well Potentially mighty) adventurers.

It was generally agreed however that a decent Character could occasionally get spoiled by one (or more) dog stats. So in brief here is how that is changed in this campaign.

At every Odd numbered level (yes that includes 1st) Pick a stat. Roll 3d6. If you roll OVER you current score in that stat you get to improve it one point. If you fail pick a different stat and try again until all 6 have been tested for OR one of them has improved. If you crap out 6 times start over.

This way you always get a 1 pt stat increase every other level. Not too much but it should smooth out the worst dice. During the course of adventures it may be possible to improve stats by Magic, special training secrets etc etc but this is a fail safe that is always gonna be there.