Magic and Not Magic

The DCC system attempts to make actual magic extremely chaotic and powerful but also Kinda rare. I personally noted that this makes some players less interested as “collecting magic Items” was part of their fun in a RPG. So to overcome this I present some guidelines for the terminally interested on How Magic and “Special” items will work.

Everyday Bonuses

While a true magic sword might be kinda rare, it is eminently possible that you will find items that are a bit better than “Standard” if you are familiar with the term “Masterwork” from D&D you’ll get the idea. SO expect “Non Magic” items that carry a +1 or +2 bonus on some stat in a good haul of treasure. Many enemy boss type figures mat well have a +1 armour or weapon etc

Likewise Potions need not always be “Magic” you may find a rare “herbal elixir” that acts as a Healing potion or similar but will NOT detect as magic in any way. So don’t rely on a “Detect Magic” or similar spell to pick out the goodies in any reward. You will have to trust your Rogue or similar Character with a merchant or other appropriate background to pick theses out of the pile of booty for you!

Rough guide

Item Non Magic Magical Notes
Weapon +1 or rarely+2 +2 or better Might apply bonus to Damage To hit or Both Or to the weapon’s durability etc
Armour +1 or +2 +3 or better  Bonuses may go on protection or Armour check penalty or durability or Saves. Magic items tend to have the bonus applied to ALL of these at once
Jewelry +1 +2 or better  Non Magic Jewelry can increase a character’s PRE stat and or add bonuses to checks dealing with NPC’s as it reflects perceived status.
Other Clothing +1 or +2 +3 or Better  Again you might get a Protection bonus or a PRE bonus like with jewelry here (they would combine) In the case of a Non Magic item of superior qualities
Tools +1 rarely +2 +2 or better Fairly obviously these would add to the skill check associated with the Tool. But beyond that there is not much scope for variation.


Special Foods


Minor Healing (1d6)
Stat boosting (+1d3)
Poisons & Some Antidotes
Anti infection balms etc
Acids (1d4 to 1d8 damage)
Smoke Bomb type effects
Greater Healing (d8 or better in a single dose)

Permanent effects on Stats

Spell mimicking effects

 Anybody coming from an: Alchemist, Herbalist or Sage type background could reasonably expect to have a shot at making any of these up with the right equipment and or components. Naturally the better the ingredients the better the result 🙂